OEM Mechanisms

The CoastalPro OEM shock mitigation mechanism has been designed to enable OEM boat builders to fabricate shock mitigation seats in their own style.

Using dual parallel swing arms and a heavy duty coil spring shock absorber the OEM mechanism allows over 170mm of travel to reduce peak occupant accelerations (G forces) by up to 74%.

The CoastalPro OEM mechanism also offers simple installation and can be retrofitted to most existing jockey seat bases whilst retaining existing under-seat storage. It can also be used on jockey helm consoles.

Wave impacts are absorbed through 170mm of progressive travel using a heavy duty coil spring shock abosrber with adjustable pre-load and Hydraulic/Nitrogen damping with rebound adjustment.

The CoastalPro OEM mechanism is constructed from marine grade aluminium and 316 stainless steel and weighs just 5.5kgs.

Model:OEM Mechanism
Description:Compact shock mitigation mechanism
Construction materials:Marine grade Aluminium, Stainless Steel & GRP
Type of mechanism:Dual parallel swing arms
Type of shock absorber:Coil spring, with adjustable preload, Hydraulic/ Nitrogen damping, with rebound adjust
Range of travel:170 mm
Footprint (minimum):190 x 320 mm
Maximum capacity:135kgs